Celebrating people Making A Difference: Professor Chris Whitty

Chris is right at the top of the tree of all science advisors in the UK. He has become a regular feature of the coronavirus crisis – flanking PM Boris Johnson as he delivers critical news to the nation. Chris was parachuted from a behind-the-scene advisory role into the public eye, proving it’s the experts who are leading Britain’s response to a global pandemic. He is simultaneously England’s chief medical officer and the UK department of health’s top scientific adviser. Prof Whitty also has experience tackling a previous virus, having played a leading role advising on the UK response to the Ebola epidemic in 2014 as chief scientific adviser to the Department for International Development.


His career in Whitehall has spanned 11 years; he was previously an interim chief scientific adviser to the UK government and got his current job in June 2019.


Outside politics, he’s a practising consultant physician at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and University College London (UCL) Hospitals. A quiet hero standing up in our time of crisis, and truly making a difference!


Read more about some of the work he has done here: https://www.gov.uk/government/people/christopher-whitty

By Jaspreet Kaur

March 31, 2020