Elizabeth Varley

Tech Hub, London, UK

Special Power

Connecting people

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Inspiring tech start-ups

We’re recognising Elizabeth for personally inspiring technology entrepreneurs everywhere…. 

Elizabeth Varley is the highly visible founder and CEO of TechHub – the original UK home for technology entrepreneurs and startups. We imagine a world of shared visions, role models, courageous peopleordinary people doing worthwhile things, places to be yourself, lots of contributing and collaboration, someone bouncing off the walls, a few sets of goggles and definitely a few petsThrow in a few conversations about gender inequality and diversity, issues that remain unresolved, but Elizabeth would firmly say “talk about a person’s business ideas first, our differences second”. 

Whatever magic spell she casts, Elizabeth’s influence spreads far and wide both as a speaker and a community leader (for startups that is)