Eric Kwakkel

Geldmaat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Planet Benefit

Keeping money accessible

We love the Netherlands. Open, hospitable, fair and orange….except for the cash dispensers that is, which are all now yellow and called GeldmaatAs CEO of Geldmaat, Eric’s mission is to make cash accessible and free to everyone across the country (via cash machines rather than handouts!) In a time when everything seems to be going digital and crypto, we wanted to tip our cap to this old world upgrade. 

Geldmaat is a cooperation between ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank in the Netherlands. The plan is for cash dispensers to be strategically placed so consumers will never be any more than 500 metres away 

According to our sources, Eric is a financial payments subject matter expert and an experienced business leader. We wonder what he will be doing next?