Iain Revolta

Barclays, London, UK

Special power

Delivered banking reform

Leadership style


Planet benefit

Banking system confidence

This was an ‘against the odds’ project. 

When the UK government announced proposals to deliver structural reforms to Banking post the Global Financial Crisisthey would represent the single biggest change to the Banking sector in our lifetimes. Iain was responsible for aligning 1.1m business and corporate clients in the UK, equivalent to one in every four, to deliver the PRA regulations.  Against the odds, Barclays announced completion of its response to structural changes months ahead of UK rivals. Not only did this legislation deliver the additional confidence in the Banking system, it also sent a strong message to shareholders. 

Iain built a team of 52 people including internal colleagues from both business and corporate banks, a wide range of contractors including a PMO and consultants from Accenture 

‘We succeeded because we trusted and valued each other: employees, contractors and consultants were fully integrated and we weren’t afraid in sharing our mistakes and developing a no blame collective win culture.’