Jamieson Christmas

Envisics, Milton Keynes, UK

Special Power

Turning fantasy into reality

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Creating safer world

Jamieson is an inventor, a scientist and entrepreneur who is putting holograph technology into the way we travel. He is literally reinventing the way we imagine and interface with vehicles alongside driverless innovation 

It starts by moving the driving display technology that you experience into a virtual form that exists not inside the car, but outside the car. It’s all done through the power of holography, so Jamieson and his team make images appear outside of the car and on the road.  

The safety benefits are huge, because if you can maximise people’s focus on the road then the number of accidents that occur will be reduced substantially. In 2018, in the UK alone there were 160,00 casualties reported from road-traffic accidents.  

The majority of those accidents occurred because of distractions such as using mobile phones and touching sat navs. His work will have a huge impact in making roads all over the world safer, ultimately saving thousands of lives.