Maxine Goddard

Zurich Insurance PLC, London, UK

Special Power

Diversity & inclusion powerhouse

Innovator type


Planet benefit

Empowering others to do their best

Maxine Goddard not only does her day job, she also amplifies herself as a role model and supporter of worthwhile causes wherever she can. 

We are recognising her as a passionate advocate and mentor to many for the empowerment and inclusion of women and multicultural diversity across the financial services industry.  

Maxine speaks widely on these topics to bring genuine awareness and action on the issues, whether it is on recruitment initiatives, mentoring or professional development and retention.   

How do you hope your story will inspire others? 

I hope my story will inspire women and people of multicultural backgrounds to shake off any inner self-doubt, find the inner boldness (fake the boldness for a while if you need to!), make the necessary adjustments to get them on the path – and achieve the career progression that they want. I always ask for tenacity! We need to build backbone and resilience to push forward even when it feels uncomfortable. And to remember to give back and help others along the way. We call this levelling up; and this is what will bring the sea change.