Nik Storonsky

Revolut, London, UK

Special Power


Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Binning unfair bank charges

Born out of the 2008 financial crisis (back then Nik was a junior at Lehman Brothers), Revolut has been building services for the people the industry is meant to serve. Starting with the foreign exchange market and following up with mainstream banking there’s a feeling that Revolut might continue to use the current COVID crisis to create better, fairer services across many more products. The ambition is there. 

MAD33 judges are delighted to support Nik and agree that the Revolut app was indispensable.  

We also hear that Revolut is passionate about employing more female engineers and massively scaled up its engineering hub in London last year. It also runs free coding classes, and advice about breaking into the tech scene for women. 

This is one unicorn that isn’t going away!