Oliver Shallcrass

Markel, UK

Special Power

Knocking down obstacles

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Moving us beyond Brexit

Brexit continues to offer uncertainty across many industries and locations perhaps we will never be sure of all the answers. The Brexit project Oliver managed has enabled Markel, a £12 billion company employing 15,000 staff to continue operating post-Brexit (whatever happens next).  

The successful project also ensured confidence that the insurance sector can overcome all challenges and will continue to provide the cover it was formed to deliver. Most importantly, it’s had a positive impact on the 280,000 businesses and individuals that relied on these policies to continue functioning and providing cover post Brexit. 

Kicking off in August 2018with a deadline of March 2019 (the original Brexit date), Oliver proved that you can move mountains given the right recipe of people, vision and environment. This was the fastest ever transfer of its type, as attested to by both the FCA and PRA (UK regulators) and the High Court of Justice. The monumental effort from over 150 people in those 7-8 months meant the transfer was completed with less than 24 hours until Brexit, which was 23:00 on 29th March 2019.