Rachel Whale

Koreo, London, UK

Special Power

Creating impactful careers

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Social change

Rachel knows all about making a social contribution.  

Rachel has spent her career as a driver of change and innovation in the charity sector, initially at the charity Rethink, then subsequently founded Vanilla and then Koreo to have a deep and wide social impact. For example, she founded the first graduate training scheme across the 3rd sector, enabling smaller 3rd sector organisations to attract and develop talent. She has tirelessly championed social impact, focusing on attracting and developing talent to bring more capability and leadership into organisations 

Rachel is also an inspirational character, who wants to challenge the accepted norms vis a vis society whilst looking to the future, moderating events into the impact of AI on social change. She runs an organisation of around 30 people, but her outreach and impact would probably be counted in the thousands.