Seth Cochran

Operation Fistula, London, UK

Special Power

Spreading the benefits of technology

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Righting wrongs

Seth is a scientific warrior using data to battle against the world’s injustices. His current mission is to end a little known but dramatic condition called Obstetric Fistula that effects the world’s most vulnerable women and girls in countries that are hard to reach. Fistula is childbirth injury that occurs when a woman suffers a prolonged, obstructed labourThe injustice is that there are over 1 million women worldwide living with the condition.   

Seth and his team have developed an innovative funding model that both effectively funds treatment on a case by case basis incentivising the doctors themselves to help identify and treat the victims. 

Operation Fistula has designed a data collection and visualisation tool – the Global Obstetric Fistula Automated Registry (GOFAR) – that harnesses the power of cutting-edge business intelligence technologies to enable improved coordination and collaboration across the sector.  

Judges admire the way that Seth has applied his extraordinary charisma and academic astuteness to tackle a problem that is blighting the lives of people who have slipped under the radar for so long.