Sudeep Dasbiswas

Cloudsense Consulting Ltd, London, UK

Special Power

Applying tech to world problems

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Safe drinking water

Consider the career change that Sudeep is making... from delivering outsourced technology solutions to businesses across the world to leveraging this expertise to monitor water safety in the developing worldThousands and thousands of people die every year because they drink unclean water and get ill. Sudeep has made it his mission to dramatically reduce this number. 

Cloudsense is developing an innovative solution to monitor data on water safety, availability and accessibility in an online, real-time manner. The solution uses a combination of next generation technologies such as remote sensors, Cloud and data analytics.  This solution (sensors and real time information) will empower citizens to make the choice as to whether to drink the water or not and simultaneously inform government bodies about local water quality.