Sue Black OBE

Techmums, Durham, United Kingdom

Special Power

Democratising technology

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Spreading technology usage

Dr Sue Black has made it her mission to create 1 million tech savvy mums by 2020. In her own words, Sue has turned her midlife crisis into positive action by setting up courses to educate mums all over the world in coding, app designraspberry pies and pythons (if you don’t know what these are check out 

At MAD33 we think that this initiative (and Dr Sue Black has plenty of other great ideas too) is a brilliant ground roots way of creating role models and encouraging girls into technology and science“get Mum excited about coding and soon everyone will be!” 

Sue was deservedly named one of Forbes World #Top50 Women in Tech in 2018. Professor Sue Black OBE is an inspiring, multi award-winning computer scientist, radical thinker, passionate social entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author. An inspiring champion for women in technology.  

Perhaps Sue will create many more like her!