Tim Gocher

Dolma Impact Fund, Kathmandu, Nepal

Special Power

Sustainability in Nepal

Innovator Type


Planet Benefit

Alleviating poverty

In 2003 Tim visited Nepal, and it changed his life.  

While on that trip, he met a 9 year old girl named Dolma. The result was the non-profit Dolma Foundation.  

The Dolma Impact Fund is the first and largest private equity fund investing in Nepal. It generates over 5,000 well paid jobs in countries including such as Nepal through its investments in AI, e-commerce, renewable energy and healthcare. Tim is also the founder of Dolma Himalayan Energy, which develops renewable energy plants in the Himalayas by combining solar PV with battery storage systems, designed to mitigate the Himalayan glacial melt climate change crisis.  

The difference that Tim has made in Nepal is awe-inspiring – educating hundreds of the poorest and most disadvantaged children and rebuilding villages and schools after the 2015 earthquake. 

How do you hope your story will inspire others?

More broadly, I hope that by pioneering private sector capital into “frontier markets”, we can set a track record and “de-risk” this path for others to follow, bringing more focus on sustainable private sector-driven prosperity, than aid-driven prosperity. Frontier markets require huge amounts of capital, and the knowledge transfer that comes with it, if the world is to achieve the SDGs. In this, the world needs leadership in many forms, and I hope that my efforts stimulate others to take the lead in their sectors.