Which leadership type are you? Fireball.. Hero.. Artist.. Analyst?

At Mad33 we believe that there are lots of different paths to success, and even more paths to failure. The lines between success and failure are thin and often come down to leadership (and pure chance).

So we’ve got together with the experts, studied the traits of successful leaders and identified 9 that we’ve decided to use to classify the Madsters….


Leadership types;


The Improver; the leaders who use their organisation as a means to improve the world. Typically with high integrity and ethics. Can be in danger of perfectionism and over critical.


The Adviser; found creating customer focused organisations, believing that the customer is always right. Can be overly focused on the needs of their business and customers to the exclusion of everything else


The Superstar; superstars are high energy, charismatic with a strong personal brand. The organisation revolves around them. But are they too competitive and approaching workaholic status?


Artist; Less extrovert, highly creative and leading a business around your own creative or design talents. Could you be too sensitive to feedback?


Visionary; The visionary can see the future or at least their version of it, they are curious and sensitive to the world around them. Critics might say “stop dreaming, look at the detail!”


Analyst; You’re a problem solver and your organisation which is probably technology oriented fixes problems. Ever heard of paralysis by analysis?


Fireball; You’re a bundle of energy and optimism, your organisation is enthused, fun and impulsive. But does that impulsiveness lead to over commitment and missed expectations?


Hero; You’re going to save the world by taking on any challenge. Your organisations have purpose. Can you be over bearing and forcefull?


Healer; your calmness pervades everything creating a nurturing and harmonious business environment. You’re a wonderful presence but do you avoid the reality?


In reality all these types can succeed in business and we all contain a combination of these traits. Which one are you? Our co-founders Barnaby Parker and Ashleigh Macfarlane are on a mission to find out.


By Craig

March 26, 2021